Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lingnan University (Guangzhou)

Lingnan University in Guangzhou, China, was a private university established by a group of missionaries in 1888. It was originally named Canton Christian College . In 1903, the Chinese name was changed to 嶺南學堂 in Macau. In 1916, the Chinese name was changed again, to 嶺南大學, as the college expanded to become a university. In 1927, management of the university passed into Chinese hands, and the English name was changed to Lingnan University, the translation of the school's Chinese name. Dr. Chung Wing Kwong became the first Chinese of the University. In 1930s, Lingnan became a globally recognized institution. A branch in Hainan with an emphasis on studies was founded in 1933.

The university relocated several times during its existence. It moved to Macau in 1900 to escape the repressive measures implemented by the Qing Dynasty, then back to Guangzhou in 1904. During the 1930s and 40s, the university was forced to move several times as Japanese armies advanced across China. In 1937, it relocated to Hong Kong as the Japanese occupied Canton, and in 1942, to Shaoguan in northern Guangdong, as the Japanese occupied Hong Kong. After World War II, the university was finally able to return to Guangzhou.

In 1953, Lingnan University was incorporated into Sun Yat-sen University. Members of the university who fled from communist rule to Hong Kong founded Lingnan College in Hong Kong to continue the spirit of the university in 1967. The college became in 1999.

Notable alumni

* Wing-tsit Chan, eminent Chinese philosopher and academic
* Wong Shik Ling, a in Cantonese language

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